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Dr. Gritti

Dr. Gritti Delirium

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9,000 ₽

Dr. Gritti Delirium - a wonderful flavor that will be refined accessories for men and women. Its amazing, magical sound invites you to the mysterious world of romance, sweet dreams and fantasies. He seemed to be fascinated in the old streets of the ancient fortress, where a sunlit area and its musicians, florists sell beautiful bouquets, the wind brings the scent of spices and fragrance of the rich gardens. The aroma evokes vivid images of the past: the girl in the lush dresses, knights in shining armor ...

Dr. Gritti Delirium belongs to the category of oriental spicy fragrance. It is suitable romantic and temperamental natures, elegant and purposeful. This perfume of passionate people, boundless love with life, look forward to new, bright twists and adventures.

Delirium disclosed languid notes angelica, seasoned with pink and black pepper. The heart of the fragrance to replace the freshness of vetiver comes sweet ale and precious wood notes. Closing accords of the composition - the merger of incense and opoponaksa .

Try this flavorful miracle, as if woven from sunlight ...


Ending note
Frankincense, Opopanaks
For whom
Fragrance category
oriental, spicy
Heart note
Vetiver, Wood notes, Elemi
Made in
Start note
Angelika, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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