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Dr. Gritti

Dr. Gritti Decimo

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14,300 ₽

Perfection, completeness, confidence can be expressed in different symbols. For niche perfume brand Dr. Gritti this symbol has become their next creation Decimo, which means the number 10. This number - the beginning and end, it stands on the border of the values ​​of growth, it is full, harmonious. This fragrance is the perfect addition to your character and aspirations.

The synthesis notes charismatic ambroksana sweet, cold bergamot and musk bodily charms from the first moments. Sensations deepened when the primary surge gives place spicy peppers, pensive and pleasant lavender ambergris. In conclusion, magnetic sound, dense and original plume of dark patchouli and stringy, hypnotic resins.


Ending note
Patchouli Resin
For whom
Fragrance category
east, fern
Heart note
Lavender, pepper, Ambergris
Made in
Start note
Ambroksan, Bergamot, Musk
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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