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Franck Boclet

Franck Boclet Velvet

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12,500 ₽

Do you want to supplement the collection of extraordinary perfume scent? Then pay attention to the spirits of the French brand Franck Boclet. They can elegantly decorate both male and female image, giving it unique fragrant accent.
Velvet inherent aroma and sweet and fresh, spicy and shades, in harmony sounding scheme, which is disclosed juicy and tart citrus chord represented magnificent combination bergamot and orange. An interesting mix of dried fruit softened velvety melodies juicy honey peach, whose sweetness continues with a sophisticated sound sandalwood. Spicy leitmotif gets in dryly spicy nutmeg tune elegantly shaded by pine echoes of cedar.


Ending note
Cedar, Muscat, sandalwood
For whom
Fragrance category
oriental, fruity
Heart note
Figs, Peach, Prune
Made in
Start note
Orange, bergamot
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product

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