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Fragonard Etoile

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8,700 ₽

The natural feminine gracefulness, blatant flirtation and passion for change - all this is fraught with a sophisticated scent concentrated tenderness and strength of female seduction enclosed in a perfume composition FRAGONARD ETOILE perfume. The perfect harmony of taste perfectly underscores the true nature of the mysterious feminine grace, prone to change images, but always true to its refined charm.

That trend change elegant French inspired to create a magnificent bouquet, which is able to accentuate every facet of fragile femininity. Juiciness lemon, mysterious bewitched spice and fresh ginger, complemented by the sweetness of rejuvenating apple which reveals the subtlety of flavor from the first seconds of its sound. Excellent beauty gardenia linked by strong ties with the mystery lily and jasmine refinement, make holding my breath when a flavor owner. The final notes of amber, sandalwood and musk complete the captivating scent of simplicity and apparent superiority.


Ending note
Cedar wood, musk, amber
For whom
Fragrance category
fruity, floral
Heart note
Gardenia, jasmine, lily
Made in
Start note
Ginger, Lemon, Apple
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product

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