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Fragonard Emilie

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9,200 ₽

magnetic attraction, over which no control of any one earthly power - it gives a feeling terrific flavor unmatched toilet water EMILIE by skilled craftsmen perfume FRAGONARD case. French charm, filled with fairy magic flower smells, draws consciousness into distant worlds, where there is no limit to perfection. Ideality your impeccable image is absolutely real, you can afford to overcome any obstacles on the way to success, you are beautiful in their seduction.

An alluring mystique scent woven from luxurious blend filled with woody, fruity and floral scents, gives you if an unknown passion that feels every other person. The aroma starts to reveal juicy drops of sour lemon, which was immediately saturated with the sweetness of orange blossom and the spiciness of bergamot. At the heart of this magical elixir open their sound elegant jasmine, rose and beautiful wild orchid. Enticing trail attracts powerful sound of sandalwood, amber and crystal musk resistant. You are forever a prisoner of your desires, you are perfect for all.


Ending note
Musk, sandalwood, amber
For whom
Fragrance category
Heart note
Jasmine, Rose, Violet
Made in
Start note
Bergamot, lemon, orange blossom
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de Toilette

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