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Creed Fantasia De Fleurs

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9,700 ₽

Fantasia De Fleurs - a classic fragrance from the world-famous brand from France Creed, which is famous for its long history and rich aromas. Rich composition, the name of which translates from French as "flower fantasy", was created in 1862 for the Austro-vengersokoy Empress Elizabeth, known in Europe, its charming and elegance. Every day for three hours maid combing her long hair beauty Elizabeth, and after they were sprayed with a luxurious floral perfume, which won more than one royal heart.

In spite of the long history, the smell remains incredibly modern, embodies elegance and captivating charm of its lovely owner. He seems to invite to a walk on the mysterious intoxicating floral Empress garden, hidden from prying eyes, which are fragrant iris from Florence and Bulgarian rose. Freshness compositions impart a cool, refreshing bergamot upper chords, which gradually transformed into a warm and sensual notes of ambergris.

The timeless, elegant and refined fragrance Fantasia De Fleurs is specifically designed for modern queens!


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Bulgarian rose
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The premiere of the fragrance
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Eau de parfum

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