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Chabaud Maison de Parfum

Chabaud Maison de Parfum Lait Concentre

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12,200 ₽

The luxurious and captivating aroma of Lait Concentre from fashionable French house niche perfume Chabaud Maison De Parfum addressed to confident women, elegant and stylish, seductive and sensual. Uncover new facets achievable and possible, let the world see you on the other side - Lait Concentre help you with this !

The composition of the fragrance is built on the fascinating fern sheet with a little bit of expensive spice spices. At first perfume opens dairy languid modulations, chords smoothly replace heart filled with exotic coconut nuances. The flavoring refinement of sweet caramel haze, emphasizing the exquisite taste and luxury heroine Lait Concentre.


Ending note
For whom
Fragrance category
spicy, fern
Heart note
Made in
Start note
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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