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Blend Oud

Blend Oud Hour

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15,100 ₽

Unsurpassed fragrance Eau de Parfum Hour from the popular brand from the UAE Blend Oud amaze you with its perfection and harmony, will wrap charming fragrance and are sure to impress others. The composition belongs to the East-floral perfume, which are known for their special languid and seductive sound. Its top notes poured an unusual combination of juicy pineapple and extravagant hyacinth.

The Center Eau de Parfum plays delightful chords delicate jasmine, iris and noble daring pepper. Flanked by the wonderful aroma of sensual musk and amber hues mixed with notes of sweet vanilla, vetiver and patchouli mysterious.


Ending note
Amber, vanilla, vetiver, musk, patchouli
For whom
Fragrance category
oriental, floral
Heart note
Jasmine, iris, pepper
Made in
United Arab Emirates
Start note
Pineapple, Jacinth
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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