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Atkinsons His Majesty The Oud

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9,400 ₽

Perfumers British brand Atkinsons very often turn to history, trying to grasp the essence of the legendary lost recipes that accompanied personalities who have left an indelible mark on the world. The aroma of His Majesty The Oud is dedicated to the King of Saudi Arabia, Faisal I. When his reign the country has achieved unprecedented development. It is obvious to a person of the Arabian King led the British Biography British writer, archaeologist and spy Gertrude Bell, awarded the Royal Order of the empire. Say, Gertrude and Faisal were allies in the mutual interest.

Last Interests left far behind, but the flavor of a really one in a million. Its addictive essence is full of precious oils, opens each time differently tayaschimi an inexhaustible richness of the land. Cloves and black tea are the introductory chords on the way to the hearts of the disclosure of white cedar, leather and sandalwood. Precious notes of styrax, vanilla, oud (the most expensive wood in the world). All this beauty will appreciate the unique man who is willing to be a source of change in the world.


Ending note
Vanilla, styrax, Houde
For whom
Fragrance category
woody, spicy
Heart note
White cedar, leather, sandalwood
Made in
Start note
Cloves, black tea
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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