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Histoires de Parfums

Histoires de Parfums 1725 (Casanova) 15ml

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Venice, the coastal city of love, where in 1725 a man was born whose name is destined to become a symbol of seduction: Giacomo Girolamo Casanova._x000D_ “So what is love? It is a kind of madness over which the mind has no power. It is a disease that a person is susceptible to at any age and which is incurable when it affects an old man. Oh, love, being and feeling indefinable! God of nature, your bitterness is sweet, your bitterness is cruel ... , asserted the great adventurer, who managed in his life to be a Catholic priest, officer, scientist, writer, banker, swindler, magician, infantryman, spy, diplomat who traveled half the world, but never not forgetting about their Venetian origin.


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