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Amouroud White Hinoki

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8,400 ₽

Feel the pleasant tranquility and complete rest, which will give you the fragrance of eau de parfum from White Hinoki brand Amouroud. The basis of the composition - of trees and citrus accords of Japanese sacred Hinoki and warm shades of spices. Hearing this fragrance once, you will never change it to any other, because it will wrap your soul a deep tranquility, which is especially valuable in today's world.

Intoxicating fragrance creates a sense of comfort and peace of mind thanks to a sharp motives ginger and white pepper, framed by citrus notes of blood orange. This overture with smoky sound labdanum, the sweetness of cinnamon and fresh heliotrope becomes a perfect base for marvelous wood overflows. Easy heady aroma of whiskey and tobacco, allows you to fully feel the purity of white hinoki.

TESTER - Tester is the demo version of the fragrance, which is attached to the consignment manufacturers to advertise at the point of sale. We draw your attention to the fact that there were no differences (quality of flavor, firmness, etc.) Tester on the variant for sales has! The difference between them is only that because testers are available for the purpose of advertising, manufacturer is not so cares for their design: they are available in so-called technical package (a simple cardboard box, different from that which produced the bottles for sale), and are often not equipped with a lid. From this and the lower price of testers.


Ending note
Whiskey, tobacco, Hinoki
For whom
Fragrance category
woody, spicy
Heart note
Heliotrope, cinnamon, labdanum
Made in
Start note
White pepper, ginger, red orange
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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