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Amouroud Silver Birch

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11,300 ₽

Stunning subtle beauty birch flexible with a smooth white bark stands out crystal clear snow drifts that covered the ground in a quiet forest. Sky with clouds overhanging snow twilight cast shadows velvety blue, against which stand rows in the frozen silence of trees covered with frost.

Fragrance Silver Birch, which is softened by heat coldness breath, reveals a unique combination of green and citrus notes. In this composition, a good addition to the bright smell of cardamom, suddenly reveals sensual middle note of orange blossom and solar Egyptian jasmine.

An intriguing and irresistible fragrance Silver Birch contains basically complete and majestic notes of vetiver and white suede, drop after application to the skin.

Features: refinement, sophistication, luxury floral tree



Ending note
Bourbon Vetiver, Suede, Ylang-ylang
For whom
Fragrance category
woody, musky, floral
Heart note
Orange blossom, Egyptian jasmine, papyrus
Made in
Start note
Figs, Cardamom, Mandarin
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product

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