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Tiziana Terenzi

Tiziana Terenzi Siene

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13,100 ₽

If you are crazy about woody scents with notes of fern impurities, and flex your cosmetic shelf on the number of persistent, niche perfumes, the Siene perfume from the Italian brand Tiziana Terenzi made just for you! Rich interweaving of juniper and sandalwood will impress any fan of the unique trends, because it is revealed in different ways in each body, citing its possessor to embody the most secret desires. Unisex fragrance is the perfect complement not only to your everyday images, but also serve as an excellent accessory for tuxedo, evening dress or carnival costume! Top notes. Leaving the wall design bottle, spirits instantly adapt to the topography of the body, filling it with sour-sweet reflections cypress, strict but rich and sensitive skin, bold juniper. Heart note. Ambiguous entry reborn sounds bright charming iris and sacred incense, smoothly flowing into the endless sea, the horizon which kept their abode duo myrrh and patchouli tiny. Final note. slowing the pace, giving its owner peace, perfume embodies all the best qualities of the magnificent amber, cloying honey resistant musk and sandalwood rebellious.


Ending note
Ambergris, Honey, Musk, Sandalwood
For whom
Fragrance category
wood, fern
Heart note
Iris, Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli
Made in
Start note
Cypress, Leather, Juniper
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product

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