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Huitieme Art Parfums

Huitieme Art Parfums Ciel d`Airain

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19,200 ₽

The smell of rain. We all experience various emotions while feeling the unique sound of ozone. But memories of the atmosphere before the storm wind causes goosebumps. When creating Eau de Parfum Huitieme Art Parfums Ciel d`Airain French masters were inspired by the unique flavors of the Italian garden before a severe thunderstorm. At this time, hot wind carries aromas of flowers left and right, mixing with each other, and the chilling ozone gives them a unique, unique charm and charm.

Experience the wondrous natural beauty of creatures and phenomena embodied in the wonderful aroma Huitieme Art Parfums Ciel d`Airain. Its composition discloses a combination of olive and fruit odor notes. At the heart of the rain motif decorated with pear tree fragrance and perfume trail has a warm sound of amber. This is a very interesting and unusual combination. From the first minutes fragrance inspired, then slowly relaxes and warms the end, giving comfort feeling of home and a warm blanket.

If you love beautiful, atmospheric smells, you will definitely want to add to your collection of soulful flavor Huitieme Art Parfums Ciel d`Airain. His magic will not leave anyone indifferent.


Ending note
For whom
Fragrance category
fruit, fern
Heart note
pear tree
Made in
Start note
Olives, fruity notes
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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