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Huitieme Art Parfums

Huitieme Art Parfums Ambre Ceruleen

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13,800 ₽

This powdery balsamic Perfume with pronounced notes of amber. It is a worthy representative of the series "fitoparfyumeriya unisex" is equally well suited for both women and men due to the perfect combination of unique properties of fine and slightly sugary components.

The composition of the fragrance by the absence of the usual three-step disclosure - it is built on several components. All components are extracted by a special extraction method, which allows you to save a real flavor of the raw material. So, Huitieme Art Parfums Ambre Ceruleen disclosed warm veil, which created accents opoponaksa, sandalwood, tonka bean. Dilutes the sound of candy, refined scent of lemon verbena.

This fragrance like purposeful and ambitious connoisseurs of luxury and quality in perfumery, who value themselves and the time. With him feel macho men, ready for any exploits for the sake of conquest sensitive hearts. Well, the beauty will have a great opportunity to finally find their true love.


Ending note
powdery notes
For whom
Fragrance category
amber, woody, powdery
Heart note
Tonka bean, lemon verbena
Made in
Start note
Opopanaks, Sandalwood
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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