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Nasomatto Duro

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10,800 ₽

This is a very bold, eccentric and provocative fragrance, which is magic. At the time, she made a splash in the world of perfumes, since none of the artists had not managed so vividly and accurately create an image of a young lady's man and hang that could turn the head of the hundreds, if not thousands of beautiful girls.

The fragrance embodies the daring, mind-blowing, originality and appeal. It gives a great mood, highlights the courage and uniqueness, gives sexuality. Ambient will be bewitched by its sensuality, tempting and seductive.

The composition of the perfume quite unpretentious and easy - wood chords reveal exciting flair tart and alluring spices and warm skin tones. Due to such a proud and rebellious nature, perfume seems wild, but looks can be deceiving. Encased inside a magnetic attraction force at any moment can break free, zahlestnuv sensual wave and dragging in the world of pleasure.


Ending note
For whom
Fragrance category
wood, chypre
Heart note
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Start note
woody notes
The premiere of the fragrance
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