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Montale Aoud Shiny

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4,800 ₽

The rays of the scorching summer sun, to fend off the shiny surface of precious emeralds. Cool breeze, imbued with intoxicating floral aromas. And the soothing rustle of hundreds of fresh leaves, swaying in time with the riotous wind. This is the true beauty that brings to life the joy and happiness. It cheers up the freshness and true luxury. It is the fragrance of the perfume Aoud Shiny by Montale.

From the first seconds of the action, this eau de parfum gently whirl you into the maelstrom of vetiver and sandalwood. After a few moments to your pair will join the heady scent of patchouli. The end of an unforgettable celebration of flavors will witness a scattering of red rose petals.

Aoud Shiny - is from the category of unisex perfume. He is equally well suited for both men and women.

Date Release : 2008
Country - maker : France
Paul : unisex
Classification flavor : chypre, floral
The initial note: nagarmotha, vetiver
heart note: patchouli
Final note: rose


Ending note
rose flower
For whom
Fragrance category
floral, chypre
Heart note
Made in
Start note
Nagarmotha, Vetiver
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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