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Montale Aoud Lagoon

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7,400 ₽

Niche perfumery always carries its exclusivity and uniqueness. Perfume Montale Aoud Lagoon is one that perfectly "lies" as a female, and the male skin.

The complex sound aromatic composition is achieved using the original combination of lotus tiare. Gradually, floral-woody palette is complemented by rich shades of tangerine and osmanthus. After a short time in the invisible distance begins to "pick out the smell of moss and vetiver. They complete the composition, giving perfume to live their lives fully subject to the laws of feeling and love.

This wonderful aroma of endless summer, unceasing joy and expectation of a miracle. It's the smell of the most precious gifts of nature that become generous to share them with the man, and fit into a small vial.


Ending note
Vetiver, moss, Houde
For whom
Fragrance category
woody, floral
Heart note
Lotus, Tiare
Made in
Start note
Mandarin, Osmanthus
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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