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Montale Aoud Ever

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7,100 ₽

The mystery of the universal flavor Aoud Ever by Montale is like the endless, dark canvas the midnight sky, only occasionally illuminated by the cold moon. The fragrance of the eau de parfum combines gentle, sensual and refined feminine and persistent, noble and restrained the male termination.

The top note Aoud Ever shine upon you unexpectedly, faded, but so pleasant light amber and oriental wood agar. "Heart" of the fragrance fill the air with the freshness of bergamot, reminding you of a great cup of warming tea. Plume left by the perfume data, will manifest itself in your memory indelible stamp created sandal stamped.

Perfume Aoud Ever is a representative class unisex. It is ideal for philosophizing, intelligent men, and for a romantic and elegant ladies.


Ending note
For whom
Fragrance category
wood, fern
Heart note
Made in
Start note
Agar, amber
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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