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Memo Shams Oud

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13,100 ₽

The mysterious word "Shams" is translated from Arabic as "the sun." According to legend, an ancient Persian deity Mithras on his golden chariot wheeling the sun across the sky from the morning until deep twilight. And in the dark, on the very horizon, the sun disk swallows the abyss, that he was born again in a fantastic sunrise.

Fragrance Eau de Parfum Memo Shams Oud makes something inside flutter, enveloping scent of pepper, spice saffron and ginger sensuality. This amazing perfume puts in your hand a gold key that allows povalivat time and space, filled with regal overtones of rose and tonka beans incomparable. Listen to the mystic melody, quietly humming oud and immerse yourself in the most amazing dream, heady anticipation of which never you will not let go.



Ending note
Tolu balsam, tonka bean, labdanum, styrax, Houde
For whom
Fragrance category
woody, spicy
Heart note
Kashmeran, Nagarmota, Saffron
Made in
Start note
Ginger, pepper, Rose
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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