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Mancera Hindu Kush

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5,700 ₽

The brand Mancera released versatile flavor that will suit both beautiful and strong floor. Eau Hindu Kush consists of a set of original music and unusual combinations that will highlight the originality and sensuality of the vial holder.

Opens composition extravagant compound wormwood, hemp, incense, labdanum and cloves. This colorful ensemble is complemented by spicy hints of spice, cumin, saffron and black pepper. Rich melody breaks into your day, setting up a victory and achievement of goals. "Heart" of the symphony full of warm wood colors verdzhiniyskogo cedar, sandalwood and oud, which is framed by a smoke tart patchouli. In the final chord will prove unconventional quartet of guaiac wood, Madagascar vanilla, amber and musk. The softness of the first two colors offset by the strength and depth of the past, hovering in the air a pleasant train.


Ending note
Amber, guaiac wood, Madagascar vanilla, musk
For whom
Fragrance category
amber, oriental, woody, spicy
Heart note
Virdzhiniysky cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, Houde
Made in
Start note
Carnation, Hemp, labdanum, Frankincense, Sagebrush, Spices, Cumin, black pepper, saffron
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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