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Liquides Imaginaires

Liquides Imaginaires Les Eaux Sanguines

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15,800 ₽

This mysterious eau de parfum is a stunning trilogy called Eaux Sanguines, devoted to allegories. Allegories are a passion of Liquides Imaginaires. In this case, the perfumer drew an analogy with several kinds of divine wines. Bloody Wood fragrance is dedicated to expensive wine, created for the aristocracy. He is endowed with a rich and multi-faceted nature and characteristic color corresponding to the color of the blood of the gods.

Of the saturated dark ruby ​​vial at the beginning eagerly pulled out notes of white wine, highlighted by shades of violet root. In place of this unusual sound come play raspberries and cherries, and then comes into its own flavor of sandalwood and woody accords.

The fragrance is dedicated to Bloody Wood wine and blood. According to the founders of the brand, the creation of this Eau de Parfum, they set out to demonstrate that in fact, in the modern world contains a lot of mystery.


Ending note
Wood notes Sandalwood
For whom
Fragrance category
wood, fruit
Heart note
Cherry, Raspberry
Made in
Start note
White wine, violet root
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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