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Laboratorio Olfattivo

Laboratorio Olfattivo Kashnoir

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10,300 ₽

If you are an avid fan of the niche perfumery, the consummate Italian brand Laboratorio Olfattivo can not ignore your exacting attention. Legendary and one of the most popular songs in the arsenal of the fashion house is unmatched perfume water Laboratorio Olfattivo Kashnoir. Unisex fragrance from the category of Eastern wood is addressed to individuals, filled with a string of internal secrets. What are their secrets - perfect or daunting? The answer to this question is slipping as briskly as a multi-faceted fragrance notes of the symphony replace one another.

A seductive and intoxicating composition opens chord chime made of contrasting crystal fresh bergamot with lavender magical warm. middle notes are lured into the atmosphere tense intrigue game solo coriander with velvet rose. At the end wraps resistant cable with elegant nuances of benzoin resinous and sweet heliotrope, vanilla shades the soulful and spicy patchouli.


Ending note
Benzoin, vanilla, heliotrope, patchouli
For whom
Fragrance category
oriental, woody
Heart note
Coriander, Rose
Made in
Start note
Bergamot, lavender
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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