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Laboratorio Olfattivo

Laboratorio Olfattivo Daimiris

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10,300 ₽

Daimiris - a great flavor. It is suitable for both men and women. Daimiris - aroma of mystery. He is like a novel, emerging at the subconscious level. As if long dormant feelings in an instant escape. Spicy, heady, pungent and slightly sweet Daimiris creates an aura of mystery, puzzles, restrained passion.

The fragrance begins with a strong chord of saffron and cardamom in the heart notes are gaining powerful sound rum toffee and sweet notes. Completion of the composition - musk and amber. Soft, not banal, pleasant and very harmonious aroma fills Daimiris good mood.

The original bottle was created for such a controversial perfume. He looks as if he had just been taken out of the laboratory cabinet. Definitely a pleasant fragrance will be a wonderful gift - especially in cold weather .

Year Release : 2010

Location - maker : Italy

Sex : unisex

Classification flavor : oriental, spicy

Start Note : saffron, cardamom

Heart notes: Iris, rum, sweet notes

End Note : musk, amber


Ending note
Amber, Musk
For whom
Fragrance category
oriental, spicy
Heart note
Iris, rum, sweet notes
Made in
Start note
Cardamom, Saffron
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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