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La Manufacture

La Manufacture Cologne Impatiente

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What could be more pleasant sensation of softness of the carpet of freshly cut grass, wet from the morning dew? When the sun rises above the horizon, reluctantly, and its first, timid rays are transforming the old flowering garden. When voiced nightingale trill symbolizes everyday morning awakening of nature and the human soul. Such associations arise in the mind when listening to this fragrance Cologne Impatiente French niche brand La Manufacture.

Opening, so typical of the colognes skillful combination of bright marigold and mint, shall communicate to the pleasant shiver, gradually dissolves into the heart of a symphony dedicated to the chanting of the mad energy of citrus bergamot and grapefruit tart. Worthy end sensual quintessence of smell was the unity of vetiver and mandarin flavor placed in a loop. Cologne La Manufacture Cologne Impatiente - the best accompaniment for your victories.


Ending note
Vetiver, Mandarin
For whom
Fragrance category
Heart note
Bergamot, Grapefruit
Made in
Start note
Calendula, Peppermint
The premiere of the fragrance
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