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27 87 Perfumes

27 87 Perfumes Elixir De Bombe

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Perfume Perfumes Elixir de Bombe - real & laquo; bomb & raquo; in the olfactory representation. The original perfume, the authorship of which belongs to Mark Buxton (Mark Buxton), - a great gourmet flavor, developed in 2016 specifically for the new brand 27 87 Perfumes. The nature of the composition accurately displayed in its title. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are ready for an explosion of feelings and emotions, get acquainted closer with Elixir de Bombe - you are waiting for an incredible experience

Top notes -. Blast , bold, fiery chords ginger and red pepper entrain a dynamic rhythm, recitative-like turnips. Rich, expressive, provocative entry will excite the senses, but it will not bring destruction, replaced by sensual & laquo; heart & raquo; composition. with sweet accents of caramel, wrapped in iridescent amber wrapper.

Middle notes are replacing top militant smooth timeless melody of spices with a touch of raspberry and spicy, heady, tempting shades of ylang-ylang

Base notes -. sound almost the animals at the level of primitive instincts, skin tones in tandem with sweet accents of caramel, wrapped in shimmering & laquo; wrapper & raquo; ambergris.


Ending note
For whom
Fragrance category
sweet, fruity, floral
Heart note
Ylang-ylang, raspberry
Made in
Start note
Ginger, red pepper, mandarin
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product
Eau de parfum

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