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House Of Sillage

House Of Sillage HoS N.003

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The elegant bottle in the range of steel and blue shades, masculine laconic and stylish, extremely accurately reflects the nature of the flavor HoS N.003.

In the collection «HoS», which is a collection of books with unusual, rare ingredients, this is the third fragrance, inspired by the history of the human race. At this time, perfumers have penetrated to the very origins, include volcanic rock music composition. Hardened chunks of lava still keep echoes riot and fight the elements - water and fire.

In the midst of their rage originated a new life, gentle, defenseless, but fight their way in spite of all obstacles. Bright notes of sage and Mediterranean oceanic volcanic rocks are connected with gentle shades of amber and Akigalawood® molecule, symbolizing the true masculine vitality.


Ending note
Akigalavud, Ambergris
For whom
Fragrance category
water, wood
Heart note
Made in
Start note
Sea notes, Sage
The premiere of the fragrance
Type of product

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